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Homeopathy is a natural health discipline people use to improve overall well-being. Because humans are more than physical parts, homeopathy aims to activate a person's ability to heal, rather than to treat symptoms. Classical homeopathy, the traditional method, is based on three simple ideas:


  • Total State - Because homeopathic practitioners do not diagnose or treat disease, a person's health is viewed as a reflection of the entire individual, and not in terms of the presence or absence of disease. The total state of a homeopathic case includes the unique experiences present during dis-ease.

  • Law of Similars - Homeopathy is based on the premise of like cures like. Any homeopathically-prepared substance that matches the total state has the potential to restore order and promote vitality. 

  • Minimum Dose - Homeopathic remedies target a person's vitality instead of the physical body. Therefore, as little homeopathic remedy as necessary is used to elicit a response from a person's own healing faculties. 


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Contact a medical practitioner, If you have a medical issue. If you are taking medication, do not stop taking the medication without consulting a medical practitioner. 

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