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Newsletter Articles:

Update: Childhood Obesity

13 million US children are obese, an epidemic number steadily rising since the 1970s. Compared to non-obese children, obese children are five times as likely to be obese as adults, predisposing them to heart disease, diabetes, psychological effects, and cancer. 

America's Fight with Fat

Americans are getting fatter says a recent Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study. The perception that Americans are 'eating right' and 'getting fit' clashes with reality. The US ranks as the most obese country in the world, according to a Health Metrics and Evaluation survey.   

Digital Media Needs Good Writing

Digital media allows anyone with a smart phone to be a user-writer. As a professional writer, I wonder how user-writers will affect the fate of digital media, and I worry that user content will put me out of work.  

Blog Posts:

Composting and Communicating

Early this morning I collected fallen leaves and grass clippings to put into my new compost bin. The contrasting dull and vibrant hues of organic waste made me think about how readers approach digital communications. (What??) Like composting, communication requires the right mix to produce successful results. 

How to Eat Organic and Stay on a Budget

At the advice of her pediatrician, my friend purchased organic foods to reduce her family's exposure to toxins. The next week she purchased conventional foods simply because she could not afford the cost of eating organic. Despite organic food's increasing popularity, eating 'organic' still costs 40%-100% more than eating conventional foods. 

Reap Honey's Benefits with Backyard Beekeeping

Although honey is ranked as the 6th fastest growing grocery department category in the US,  the tasty condiment may eventually disappear from store shelves. Global Research Report Death and Extinction of the Bees links parasites and pesticides to a one-third drop in the number of honey bees in the US. 

Short- and Long-Form:

Case Study:
Target Corporation

This case study, prepared for investor marketing, compares the proposed immersive experience in an emerging Times Square edutainment venue to Target's pop-up store experience. 

White Paper: Should Foods with Added Sugar Have Warning Labeling?

This white paper investigates the health risks of consuming added sugar and the effectiveness of warning labeling in order to make recommendations about warning labeling for foods with added sugar. 

SWOT Analysis: Multi-Generational Workforce Communication

This SWOT analysis draws from existing research to develop a plan to improve multi-generational communication in organizations. Each section of the analysis provides generation-specific information, supporting research, and userful recommendations. 


Our House Food Program: Initiatives and Strategies

This proposal examines historical food programs at Our House to determine successful practices, understand challenging aspects, and identify opportunities for improvement and/or expansion. 

California Poverty Association: Anti-Povery Advocacy Project Proposal

The California Poverty Association (CPA) is requesting a $300,000 grant to fund a two-year anti-poverty policy advocacy project (Project). New or enhanced anti-poverty policies could reduce poverty levels in Los Angeles by 44%-69%.

Information Organization Project and Proposal

Information is a BIG part of Gulliver's Gate. This experimental system proposes to accommodate all of the information in this world-Gulliver's GRaSP: Gathered Resources and Sorting Protocol.

Self-healing has steadily gravitated to web interaction and away from self-help books. This proposal proposes a content-source web application with easy menu topics for general users and a topical menu for experienced users. 

Homeopathy Helps: Web App Design Proposal



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