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A love of writing, a passion for good health, and the belief that quality matters led me to three distinct, yet connected, career paths. Grounded by education and experience and fueled by heart, my professional journey challenges me and others to reach for and nurture our best selves. 


  • Project writing combines project management and communication services to help clients determine next steps, implement process upgrades, and engage customers. Educated and trained in professional communications, I observe and learn from client environments so that my recommendations reflect the clients' intent and the resulting messages echo the clients' voices. Check out my writing projects here...


  • Homeopathy found me when I needed help managing my son's reflux. Frustrated by failed treatments, I was ready to try something new and natural. Within one week of the initial homeopathic consultation, my son stopped vomiting and began eating. Desiring to share with others the gentle, effective healing my son experienced, I pursued formal education and became a credentialed homeopath. More on homeopathy here...


  • Credentialing via certification or licensing ensures that professionals meet standards and fulfill requirements. Akin to the gold QC stickers we find on products, credentialing represents quality and bolsters consumer trust. I promote awareness about homeopathy credentialing to practitioners and consumers via education and informational support. 


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